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Environmentally friendly waste management solution

For a long time we searched for a waste management system that is cost effective, legally compliant and above all, environmentally friendly. Good news ... we found one!

Since June 2009, we have been able to prevent our waste from going to environmetally harmful landfill sites. Acton Coachworks genuinely cares about the ecological impact of it's activities, which is why we will shortly be subscribing to the SWR Environmental Workshop Waste Management Programme.

In partnership with SWR Ltd, we guarantee that any waste generated on the premises or in the course of the business activities will be disposed of:

  • Accountably: by methods that comply with all known and all future legislation.

  • Responsibility: in such a manner as not to cause pollution to the environment and with minimum effect to the ecosystems of other living things.

  • Safely: without harm to human health.

  • Considerately: without causing detrimental effects to the amenities at any local area.

  • Sustainably: In order to reduce the use of energy and resources.

About SWR:

SWR are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of the motor industry.

They offer one of the most comprehensive integrated waste management solutions available for the automotive sector. SWR have extensive experience in this market and deliver a professional, responsive service to leading companies nationwide.

Customers who entrust their waste management to SWR can be confident that they: Meet all manufacturers’ quality standards for waste disposal and recycling targets and quotas Will keep them updated about new and upcoming legislation Will ensure they achieve and maintain 100% legal compliance Provide staff training and ongoing consultancy work and expert advice.