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CALL US TODAY ON 02088382282

Lease CAR repair and hand-back service

Let us take away the hassle of returning your lease car. We can give you peace of mind that you are not being charged for any damage that you shouldn’t be liable for repairing.

Handing Back Your Lease Car

When it is time to return your lease vehicle at the end of your contract, it will be inspected for damage by the lease company, which can result in unexpected hefty fees, even for minor damage.

The condition of the vehicle bodywork will be assessed by the lease company against the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines to see if any damage is deemed to be outside of what is considered as ‘fair’.  Any repair fees for this will be passed onto you, the customer.  These repair charges are unfortunately not something that can be negotiated.  

If you have accidentally caused damage to your lease car, we can repair all vehicle damage outside of ‘fair usage’ before it is returned to help you avoid high repair penalty fees.

Acton Coachworks offers a simple process:

  1. Book in for your FREE damage assessment

  2. Once necessary repairs are agreed, we restore your vehicle to meet minimum guidelines at the lowest cost possible, ensuring you are only paying for repairs you really need to

  3. We hand back your lease vehicle to the lease company on your behalf, ensuring there are no penalty fees for damage


Acton Coachworks, 3 School Road, North Acton, London, NW10 6TD

We are located just off the A40 at the Gypsy Corner Junction.


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Words From Our Happy Customers:

Thanks to you all for the great job done on my car. It looks terrific and is much appreciated.
— Jeff Hammerschlag
Excellent service. Very courteous staff. A very good experience.
— K Whittingham
Very pleased to recommend – an excellent service.
— Mr Trott
Prompt response, accurate and knowledgeable assessment. Delivered as promised on time.
— Richard Newman
Lovely and easy service. Reliable and highly recommended.
— Victoria Bromley