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SMART Repairs

SMART or Small to Medium Area Repair Technology is a revolutionary new way to make scuffed alloys, scratched, dented and chipped paintwork along with scuffed bumpers disappear from your car. Our new SMART repair service is designed to be hassle free providing car repairs at a much lower cost option for minor repairs. We also repair Alloy wheels, and fix interior trim and velour tears and cigarette burns on the inside of your car. Feel free to drop in or call as to ask what we can do for your car.

Paintless Dent Removal and Dent Repair:

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) involves the use of special tools and rods to “massage” dents out of panels to restore them to their original condition, without having to paint the panels. Paintless Dent Removal or Dent Repair is suitable for small dents where the paint surface has not been broken.

Plastic Repair:

Plastic areas such as bumpers, door mirrors and spoilers can easily be damaged. Plastic parts can be restored to their original condition; even textured finishes can be recreated.

Upholstery Repair:

The most hardwearing upholstery can get snagged or torn, or even burned by cigarette ash. Cloth and leather upholstery can be repaired almost invisibly to restore your vehicle’s look.

Chip & Scuff Repairs:

Stone chips and other minor damage looks unsightly once it begins to accumulate, especially on dark coloured cars. But worse still, because the stone chips, scratches and scuffs have penetrated your paint, you car will be prone to rust. Once rust sets in it is very difficult to remove.

Windscreen Repair:

Windscreen damage caused by stone chips usually worsens over time and is of course a major safety hazard. Minor damage can often be eliminated quickly, cost effectively and permanently.