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Detailing and paintwork protection

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What is vehicle detailing and paintwork protection?

Vehicle detailing is often confused with a more basic service known as Valeting. Valeting can be described as "the cleaning of the exterior / interior to remove visible dust, dirt and grime, leaving the surfaces clean and shiny". Although a very simple task, paint damage and surface imperfections are often caused by incorrect washing techniques. Acton Coachworks, in association with Topaz Detailing can not only repair this damage but exceed this, creating a "better than new" finish.

If dirt, dust and grime are not correctly removed from the vehicle, the cleaning process will rub and grind these particles into the surface of the paint inflicting noticeable damage. Sponges may have been used on numerous vehicles prior to touching your car, collecting dirt and grit. This problem induces defects known as "swirl marks".

Incorrect washing techniques can also cause component damage. Harmful acidic products, used to clean wheels and lower sections of the car can cause rusted brake callipers, wheel nuts, exhaust tips and brake disc surrounds.

Very abrasive compounds and improper use of a rotary polishing machine result in circular scratches and very visible grooves in the vehicle's top coat and paint imperfections. They remove huge amounts of the vehicles clear coat, whilst inflicting "holograms" and buffer trails.

Offering the perfect combination of science & art, our exclusive detailing service offers the full spectrum of treatments to ensure the restoration, enhancement, preservation and on-going maintenance of your vehicle’s cosmetics.


Protection Detail:
21 stage cleaning process to cleanse and decontaminate - From £500 + VAT

Enhancement Detail:
24 stage cleaning process & 65-75% protection detail - From £800 + VAT

Correction Detail:
24 stage cleaning process & 75-85% protection detail - From £1350 + VAT

Ultimate Detail:
24 stage cleaning process achieving 99% protection detail - From £2250 + VAT



The cleaning process consists of safely and thoroughly removing dust, lose dirt and grime from the vehicle's exterior / interior. This is a multi-stage process which initially includes a process known as 'Snow Foam' in conjunction with specifically designed brushes is used to get to all the hard to reach places such as panel gaps, door shuts and vents. The car is then washed using a lamb's wool mitt and two bucket system with built in grit guards.

The cleansing process is crucial in removing particles and bonded contaminants such as over-spay, fallout, brake dust and tree sap.Varying strengths of specifically designed clay bars are used. Initially "Aggressive" is used to take off thick contamination, working through to "Mild", ensuring that all of the contaminants are removed.

After the decontamination process, another wash is required to remove any residue left by the Clay Bar lubricant. Finally the vehicle is dried using a high speed air blower minimising contact with the decontaminated paint surface.


Crucial in assessing the condition of the paint, before the paintwork is corrected.

Varied lumen lighting is used to inspect the extent and type of paint defects compromising the vehicles paintwork. Tools such as 3M PPS Sun Gun is used to replicate sun light highlighting defects, mostly visible under sun light.

Paint measurement gauges are also used in assessing paint originality, whilst analysing the integrity of the paint to assess the correct course of action when correcting paint defects.

In some cases a digital microscope is used to inspect the defects and take an appropriate course of action.

Time, precision, and cutting edge technology are combined to ensure that we identify all defects in the surface of your vehicle.


A term used to describe the complex removal of paint defects such as Swirl Marks, Holograms / buffer trails and other imperfections.

The combination of pads, compounds, polishes and glazes, allows us to be selective in choosing the best treatment for your paint; to maintain its integrity, whilst producing an unparalleled shine.

Severe cases of defects can also be corrected using a Random Orbital Sander, utilising a variety of specifically designed cutting discs to correct deeper imperfections.


Once the paint has been corrected, we then use some of the best sealants, glazes and waxes specifically suited to each vehicle.

We assess the paint type, colour and how the vehicles is used, in order to apply the most suitable protection. This is a crucial process in preserving the integrity of our work, whilst enhancing the depth of shine.


Specifically designed products are used to dress, restore and protect materials such carbon fibre, plastic, rubber, windows and metal finishes, whilst providing UV protection. On some severe cases, a precision metal restoration device is used to enhance heavily defected items, such as exhaust tips badges and many other metal surfaces.